Four little words

This is the first summer that we have used our house in Breckenridge.  It seems now so easy to say those four little words that over the last three years have taken over our lives. Those being “we built a house”.  In some ways I am glad that I didn’t start blogging before now as building a house is a peculiar process, to some it is a matter of great interest and to others none.

It’s difficult to put down in words how it all now feels being here, having gone through the process and come out the other end with the house complete.  We had always envisioned a modern, contemporary mountain home with views of the ski slopes and close to the town.  That is what we got.  For two months I have been here with a succession of in-laws, out-laws, & friends filling the house and slowly transitioning it into becoming a home.

My husband of course hasn’t been so lucky to wake up each summer morning here and has split his time unevenly in the direction of Kazakhstan.  The children have been off to camp at “Cheley” up in The Rocky Mountain National Park.  Same place as last year, three weeks of horse riding, back packing, camping, and doing an assortment of dangerous sounding things like rock climbing, rafting, archery & riflery. Detoxing completely from modern technology and writing good old fashioned letters home.

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2 Responses to Four little words

  1. Angie says:

    What an amazing, beautiful home! Well done!

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