Istanbul Jail Time






This year we celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary. So a few months early we traveled to Turkey and stayed (not at all aptly) in an old converted prison.

Istanbul is an historic city lying on The Bosphorus strait betwixt Europe and Asia. Based in the old city, we toured on foot the Sultan Ahmet Mosque (referred to as the blue mosque because of all the tiles), the Hagia Sophia for over 1,000 years deemed the oldest church in the world.  And, wandered the Topkapi Palace and grounds being the main residence of the former sultans and their respective harems.

In the Egyptian market we rubbed shoulders with the crowds and bought turkish delight whilst marveling at the spice stalls. Needless to say we ventured forth (and got lost) in the labyrinth of shops within The Grand Bazaar for the obligatory rug buying session.

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  1. BG says:

    I’d like to try out that tpe of jail 😉


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