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Anyone for Ice Fishing?

The skill set needed for ice fishing appears small, however personal character traits need to run deep.  Whilst to the untrained eye this activity appears to be less than exciting, many locals regularly scatter along the ice in pursuit of … Continue reading

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In the Bleak Midwinter

In the Bleak Midwinter, not the Gustar Holst version but the Dostyk, Atyrau version.  Here we are in early December and winter is upon us.  However with freshly fallen snow, sun shining and crystal clear blue sky it’s not so … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Dostyk Style

Firstly let me clarify I am English, writing about Thanksgiving, whilst living in Kazakhstan.  Secondly let me tell you it was marvelous!  Not cosy or intimate because it wasn’t.  We were sitting in a cavernous school gym, but the surroundings … Continue reading

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The English Countryside

Butleigh is where I was born.  A small village situated in what’s referred to as The West Country in the county of Somerset, England.  Close to it, is the ancient and historic town of Glastonbury where The Tor is situated. … Continue reading

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Flights of Fancy

We spend a lot of time catching flights, and subsequently a lot of time at airports. Some of the sweetest initials are AMS, an airport code that when wrapped round our luggage takes us from Atyrau, Kazakhstan to Amsterdam. From … Continue reading

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High School Reunion

   30 years ago, 120 of us graduated from St Dunstan’s School, Glastonbury .  Recently we came back together for our School Reunion.  I felt very nervous.  It’s been such a long time since I had seen many of my school friends. … Continue reading

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Not all seasons are equal

People say “all things being equal” but they rarely are, and that includes the seasons here in Kazakhstan.  To have four seasons is a treat. It tells you what time of year you are in without having to look at … Continue reading

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Hockey at The Ice Palace?

At 5:00pm Saturday night we found ourselves at the Khiuaz Dospanova “Ice Palace” to watch an ice hockey match, in close proximately to the airport just outside of town.  The local team the Atyrau Beibarys play in the Kazakh Vyschaya Liga … Continue reading

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Atyrau Centurion Club

My husband and a band of similarly minded, and dressed individuals set forth regularly at the weekends to ride their mountain bikes across the Kazakh Steppe.  This is a vast area of flat, grassland with the occasional marsh.  The camel … Continue reading

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Little Boy Blue

For 365 days a year we can swim in Kazakhstan.  The outdoor pool is a social hub for Dostyk Village during the summer time.  When the snow lays round-about then the indoor pool provides a warm respite from the biting … Continue reading

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